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Package includes 1 CC Clip and Video 


CC Clips holds your fabric in place perfectly. Enjoy all the benefits of your multi use CC Clips.   Designing will be so much fun, get ready to transform everything! We will show you how to Cinch, lace-up, pleate, design and hold as needed to create the most out of form fitting genius and upscaled design! 


No harm to fabric.  


Cinch, size, pleat, tie back, lace up, or hold. 


Choose your Clip Color 


Package includes: One Large CC Clips; video and instructions for Cinching, and scarf and sarong design features! So much fun: lace-up, tie back, design, hold and more! Very Easy!

LG CC Clip

Choose CC Clip Color
  • 30 day return on all purchases.  We do not cover postage on returns. 

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