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How to use clips


I'M A Fantastic Fabric Stabilizer 

Are you tired of wearing your Woolens the same way? I can hold your fabric in place like a safety pin or snap, only I am not a permanent feature!  Drape your fabric and clip! You will be amazed how well this tool works!  You can even attach fairy lights! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

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 You can pleat anything!  Anywhere on your garment. Take a boxy shirt, blouse or dress and give it some shape.

CC Clips
CC Clips
CC Clips
CC Clips
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Discover Professional Design


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CC Clips
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Lace-Up or Tie Back 

Pre-lace your CC Clips and mount to anything! Just place the pre-laced clips where you want them, then come underneath the layers with the bar and you have a fastener you can use anywhere! Make belts, shoulder straps and more! 



For tie backs, take each clip and mount distanced apart from one another, then take elastic, ribbon, chiffon, or what ever you have and lace through large openings going from side to side. Even up the ribbon, pull and tie. It's that easy!  

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I'M A Brooch

Wear your favoriate charity pins, bows or embellish with our beautiful fun assortment of charms. If your into DIY, you can make your own custom charms, just purchase our blank mounts, and you can glue anything to them.  

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Banana Pattern
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Charming Charms... 

Charms fit all Clips, embellish the smaller clips for button pop,  or as a Broach on large clips!

Our charms are Fun and charming! Choose from a Collection of mountable bows and more!  

Didn't find the charms you want? No problem, we have the mounts available so that you can create your own! 

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