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Welcome to our Video page, here you can explore ways to use your CC Clips! They are so much fun to use! Create dozens of looks with our tubes, sarongs and wraps or form fit any garment right off the rack.  When your done, a quick release and no harm to clothes! 

No more Knots, pins, tape, or bull clips! 


Hello, My name is CC Clip 

I was invented to take the place of a Bull Clip in the fashion Industry. When I work,  I am beautiful, professional and I come in lots of colors. Now you can design with confidence. Make belts, dresses, shirts and more or switch gears and hold a blanket scarf in place with no shifting!  Take in a waist line to form fit any boxy shirt or dress! The list goes on,  We are so excited to meet you! 

How will you wear yours?

So Easy! 

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Let's Hold Everything! 

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Make a Wrap! 

Untitled design (64).png

“You can adjust the length by folding down the top edge of fabric.   Clips hold all day .”

Untitled design (63).png

“Shop our Street Wraps and create all of these looks, then re-use the clips for your other clothing”

Untitled design (62).png

“So you literally just wrap around you're body and Clip! Just Amazing! ”

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“Getting dressed is a dream in our Palm Beach Bathrobes, Click below and Check em out .”

CC Clip Clothing Clips can cinch waistlines, hold shawls in place, re-design necklines, make clothing out of sarongs and scarfs with no knots, pins, tape or bull clips! No Damage to fabric! Amazing
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Lynnette Sumtner

These clips are truly wonderful. When I  use them, I  always get a good result, and I cant get over how easy they are to use. Simply genius!  I love love love mine!  My daughter took them and I had to buy another ! lol 

CC CLip Designs (2).png


I use my CC Clips all the time to upscale my clothing, I mean, who doesen't line to accent there curves! These clips are absolutely amazing! 


I am a beach bum, and I love the easy way I can grab a wrap or a sarong and design without having to make knots in everything!  I just love my Palm Beach Bathrobe its so comfortable and quick drying! 

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